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cloud ibox Enigma 2 dvb-s2 receiver


Detailed Product Description


Linux operating system (Enigma2)


MPEG2-4/ H.264 Hardware decoding

IPTV Browser




Linux Operating System-DVB API compatible


MPEG2-4/ H.264 Hardware decoding


1GB Internal File system on USB Stick


1,7” TFT Display


1xSmartcard Reader


3xUSB 2.0 external USB for PVR and upgrading


Tuner:DVB-S2, DVB-C, DVB-T


2xTuner Module Input-Plug & Play  IPTV Browser Plug-in.


Wifi-802.11g, Wifi-Module


10/100Mbit Ethernet Interface


RS232 Interface


Scart & Composite Output


HDMI Output




Technical Specification


l  333 MHz MIPS Processor


l  Linux Operating Systerm, engima 2 OS


l  Media player


l  Downloadable plug-ins supported


l  1* smartcard reader


l  2* common interface


l  MPEG2/H.264 Hardware Decoding


l  Dvb-s2 one tuner


l  128MB NAND Flash/ 384 MB RAM


l  10/100Mbps Ethernet Interface


l  2*USB 2.0


l  RS232




l  YpbPr


l  Composite Video (RGB)




l  SPDIF for digital bit stream out( optical)


l  EPG supported


l  Automatic&Manual Service Scan supported


l  Multiple LNB control (DiSEqC) support


l  Skin Change supported

l  Stable SMPS integrated

l  CCIR 601 (720*576 line), 576p, 720p, 1080i

Same CPU family (Broadcom 333Mhz MIPS) like DM800HD, 500HD, 8000HD have.


Same firmware user interface like Dm have (Enigma2)


All plugins and emus created for DM can be used with this receiver.

The main competitor for DM500hd and DM800hd on the market.


Main Features:


333 MHz MIPS Processor

Open-source Linux operating system (Enigma2)


Media player


Downloadable plug-ins supported

1* smartcard reader


2* common interface


MPEG2/H.264 Hardware Decoding

Dvb-s2 one tuner


128MB NAND Flash/ 384 MB RAM


10/100Mbps Ethernet Interface


2*USB 2.0






Composite Video (RGB)



SPDIF for digital bit stream out( optical)

EPG supported

Automatic&Manual Service Scan supported

Multiple LNB control (DiSEqC) support

Skin Change supported

Stable SMPS integrated

CCIR 601 (720*576 line), 576p, 720p, 1080i

Plugins, Youtube, IPTV